Maria Miller head needs updating

Maria Miller needs a `good head`, so I`ll be updating my drawing of her in the next few days. I`ve also got quite a few of the `great and the good` (stop laughing!). Busy, busy, busy!


Politician added to header section

New picture of headless politician, roasting away in a fire. Looks a bit kebabish – so I`ll have mine with chilli sauce, no salad mate.

Up and running

First `real` post. Decided not to spend any money on web hosting or any of that stuff until I really need to. Not even sure how long I`m going to be able to run this blog, but, given the downright crudness of the government we`ve got (especially the way disabled people are being treated), I`m going to prattle on as much as I can on my handy cyber soap-box.